Insurance is a means of providing protection against financial loss in a great variety of situations. For example, life insurance (L.I) helps replace income lost to a family if a wage earning parent dies. Health insurance (H.I) helps pay medical bills. Fire insurance pays all or part of the loss if a homeowner’s house is […]

Important things you need to know about Home insurance when you own an art studio

There are certain factors with regards to home insurance and through this article, we attempt to de-construct such points: 1: Home Insurance does not cover hand-of-God incidents: It is a general feeling that home insurance does not cover natural disasters. However, disasters like fire, earthquake, flood and other perils are amply covered in the first […]

Why Do Craftsmen Need Non-Owner Car Insurance?

This exclusive and customized policy covers craftsmen in cases like hiring a car or driving a person’s car over a long time. A Non-Owner Car Insurance online will compensate for damages that occur during an accident as well as injuries sustained by both the passengers and the driver. Other circumstances make this unique insurance plan […]