KAMASWAMI born from the passion for art, for hand-made objects and for the original and innovative design, but also comes from the idea that modern information technology is a great opportunity to put in contact those who produce these objects and those who appreciate them the value and want to own them.

For KAMASWAMI, the web is the most effective channel to achieve two fundamental business objectives:
to propose to all those who want to possess something “unique”, as a sort of ” personal shopper ” in the field of art, design and crafts;
become, in the eyes of artists, designers and creatives, a point of reference that gives them the opportunity to enhance their talent, to be known and affirmed.


Kamaswami is a character in the novel “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse: he is the merchant who teaches the protagonist Siddhartha the art of commerce.
The name is made up of ” Kama “, which means passion, desire, and ” Swami ” which means master, guide.

… A name that has become a source of inspiration for us!